24/7 Chicago Towing and Auto Repair Shop

Welcome to Touhy and Western Auto Service. We have been in business for several decades serving the auto repair needs of Chicago. Our Chicago car repair shop is open twenty four hours a day seven days a week. We offer an excellent towing service if you are in need of a tow truck in the case of an emergency. There is nothing in the realm of auto service that we do not offer. We offer transmission and tire services and can even totally rebuild an engine. Our auto technicians are truly experienced and can repair modern vehicles with hybrid motors. We get to the root cause of your car failure and find a solution which will give many more miles to your vehicle. We also believe that preventative maintenance is the best approach to auto care and will work closely with you to keep your engine and car running smoothly without any major problems.

We are passionate about auto repair and towing! We understand that you may have sudden and unforeseen car repair needs and that is why we are open twenty four hours a day serving you. It is our goal to responsibly repair your vehicle. This Chicago auto repair shop offers an honest repair at a reasonable price. Our 24/7 Chicago towing service can bring you to our car repair shop when other auto repair shops have closed for the evening. Our professional mechanics are always on duty and ready to meet your urgent auto repair needs. That is why we are a Chicago auto repair shop to remember. Because you never know when a road emergency will strike and that is why this city needs car repair shops like ours. Often times we meet our clients in emergency situations and then they become regular customers because they like the way we conduct business and how we fairly repair their cars. So, give us a call and we will do our best to service your vehicle.